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Monday, September 2, 2013

Register Now for Chess Tournaments in Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata alongside Anand - Carlsen Match

Posted by World Chess Championship 2013 News Blog Monday, September 2, 2013
The organising committee of the Anand - Carlsen World Chess Championship 2013 in Chennai has released a schedule for a special chess events' series that would run parallel to the Title Match. 

The International Grandmasters' Series, to be held in the cities of Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata, lists premier events from the calendar of the All-India Chess Federation to celebrate the World Chess Championship match. 

The series includes chess open tournaments and tournaments for those rated below 2000 or below 2100.

The details of the chess tournaments are as follows:

1 - Chennai International Women Grandmasters' Chess Tournament November 6-4, 2013 Prizes Rs 8,00,000 (open to foreigners)

2A - Chennai International Open November 15-23 Prizes Rs 10,00,000 (open to foreigners)
2B - Tournament for those rated below 2000 November 15-23 Prizes Rs 3,00,000

3A - Hyderabad International Chess Open November 25- December 3 Rs 10,00,000 (open to foreigners)
3B - 
Tournament for those rated below 2100 November 27 - December 3 Prizes Rs 5,00,000

4A - Kolkata International Chess Open December 5-December 14 Prizes Rs 10,00,000 (open to foreigners)
4B - Tournament for those rated below 2100 December 5-14 Prizes 5,00,000

Attractive conditions are offered for participants if they happen to be GMs/WGMs. 

Contact for registrations from anywhere in the world:
Lanka Ravi
International Master & Sr.FIDE Trainer
Chief Coordinator-
International Grand Masters Series
Mobile: +91-9849745755