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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Garry Kasparov Comments on Carlsen - Anand World Chess Championship Game 1

Posted by World Chess Championship 2013 News Blog Sunday, November 10, 2013
Here are the comments by chess legend Garry Kasparov on Game one at the Carlsen - Anand World Chess Championship 2013 in Chennai. These comments are via Kasparov's twitter account @Kasparov63. 

- Hello from Goa! Great event today at #THiNK2013. Looks like half of those in attendance were tweeting about. I will share some in a moment.
- First, a few brief comments on today's Carlsen-Anand game. Brief comments are fitting for such a brief game.

- I imagine Anand's 2..g6 was a surprise for Magnus, and 4..c6 as well. Then White has a big choice: to play c4 & sacrifice a pawn, or not.

- Sacrificing the pawn with c4 would not be a typical position for Magnus but Anand (& his second Leko) know those positions well.

- But without c4 by White Black gets a very solid position, even if he plays the Nbd2 I'd prefer to Carlsen's Nc3. Little danger for Black.

- I remember Anand played this in his 1994 NYC candidates match against Romanishin, who played c4 & drew one & lost one. Can be quite sharp.

- First games of big matches are often tentative. Both get a half point but it's great to start any event with an easy draw with black!

- Anand & I drew first 8 games of our 1995 world championship match. But then, boom! Next 4/5 were decisive & the match was basically over.

- So do not get too depressed with a slow start. Of my 7 world championship matches, 5 started with draw in first game.

The links to comments by Garry Kasparov are also in interviews with
BELIEVE MAGNUS: Chess legend Garry Kasparov (left) keeps Magnus Carlsen as the favorite in the World Chess Match
PHOTO: Junge, Heiko / NTB Scanpix

Friday, November 8, 2013

'Pattaya Kelappu Thala' and 'Lick, Maskarlsen, Anand': Only Indian Chess Fans can Help you Understand This!

Posted by World Chess Championship 2013 News Blog Friday, November 8, 2013
You got it right: That's a hoarding - pat in the middle of Chennai - for cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar. A group of fans have put it up.  

India is a cricket-crazy country with crazier fans. Walk down Chennai streets and there's very little banner space left for chess fans. Either it's cricket fans taking away space to wish their "god" a farewell as he plays his final test series before retirement this November, or it's Chief Minister Jayalalitha's banners announcing the World Chess Championship in Chennai.

It's almost a ritual to cheer for your favourite sports hero. If there's no space on Indian streets, it's elsewhere... on Facebook and Twitter! Considering chess is not all that a street sport, this was expected. Definitely more Indian chess fans in the cyberworld (than the streets of Chennai).

First up was NIIT Limited, Viswanathan Anand's long-time sponsor, who started the #Wish4Vishy ( hashtag for a national movement to enable every Indian to cheer for reigning World Chess Champion and NIIT MindChampion Viswanathan (Vishy) Anand, as he prepares to take on challenger Magnus Carlsen. 

Another NIIT creative poster (though not specifically on Carlsen versus Anand):

Then, we have Amul tweeting away the following poster via @Amul_Coop:

Amul, with the tag line, 'The taste of India' is well known for funny and witty ads featuring the famous 'Amul girl'. Their advertisements are a tradition in themselves featuring the most-talked about event of the week in India. 

Amul is an Indian dairy cooperative, and is sometimes even referred to as Anand (!!!) Milk Union Limited because it is based in Anand, Gujarat.

The text on the Amul hoarding reads, "Lick, Maskarlsen, Anand" a smart pun on the names of the chess players as well as a line that says, "Make your move." 

For the uninitiate, 'maska' refers to butter. Amul is the #1 butter available in India since generations. Bun-maska (bun and butter) is the hottest street breakfast you can find anywhere in India on any given morning.


This poster comes from 'Veni, Vidi, Vishy' - a social media chess campaign that will also run on Facebook and Twitter through the World Chess Championship. 

The creative idea, copy and design are all by Qruize's marketing team. Qruize Technologies Pvt. Ltd is a young research driven Information & Communications Technology Company based out of Chennai.

Qruize decided to first wish Viswanathan Anand in the local language Tamil with: Pattaya Kelappu Thala. That roughly translates to "Rock on boss". They will upload more cool posters on their Facebook page: throughout the World Chess Championship.

Here's another of Qruize posters, a little easier for international chess fans to understand!

Ram Vellayan of Qruize says, "Initially, we wanted to run the poster campaign because we love Anand. We are proudly made in Chennai. But, then we also feel there is lukewarm response to the World Chess Championship in the national media."

Vellayan says, "For example, on Friday, on the eve of the first game, top Indian newspapers do not have the chess match on their front pages for their North India editions! It's only for their South Indian editions. Look at top news sites like Rediff, NDTV etc. They have one chess story for every 100 cricket stories. That's when our resolve to run this creative campaign got stronger."

As a chess fan, you just need to do a small social media search. You will be checkmated by the options available.

One particularly hot chess page is Chess Club Live on Facebook. They have a massive, massive, massive following of over 43,000 Likes (or people who have enlisted for their updates). There's a chess news update on the page every two minutes in all time zones. Phew!

There are thousands of chess groups on Facebook, and we cannot even start listing them. A single search will leave you zapped at the very number of chess groups you could join right now what with virtually each one of them talking about the World Chess Championship in Chennai.

For twitter, you have the excellent Twitter guide by Eric van Reem on The official hashtag for the Anand versus Carlsen World chess Championship is #FWCM2013. There's another very popular one #AnandCarlsen and much more easier to remember as well. Let's hope one of them trends on Twitter in India during the World Chess Championship this November.

Magnus Carlsen has himself been tweeting a little via @MagnusCarlsen and Vishy Anand has tweeted a little via Vishy64theKing. 

If you like our selection of stories surrounding the Anand versus Carlsen Chennai World Chess Championship, do like our Chess Magazine Black & White Facebook page as well. ;)

Online, or offline, right now majority of chess lovers in India are rooting for Viswanathan Anand. At least everyone in Chennai is. 

However, no matter where you are, and no matter whose side you are on, let's cheer for chess. 

This Anand versus Carlsen Chennai World Chess Championship 2013 is going to bring great joy to all chess lovers for sure. -- Rajat Khanna

(Photo (left): Outside the venue Hyatt Regency in Chennai)

Viswanathan Anand versus Magnus Carlsen World Chess Championship 2013 in Chennai. The first game will be played on Saturday: Here is the official match promo video by All-India Chess Federation

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

No Pressure, World Chess Champion Vishy Anand Tweets away Merrily from Hotel Room

Posted by World Chess Championship 2013 News Blog Tuesday, November 5, 2013
So what's the World Chess Champion Viswanathan Anand doing right now? We know he's already checked into Hotel Hyatt Regency in Chennai - the venue of the World Title Match - with his team. Anand is merrily tweeting away about India's Mars Mission, being the astronomy fan that he is. (The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) on Tuesday successfully launched India's Mars mission, which is country's first inter-planetary space mission, from Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh.)

Viswanathan Anand ‏@vishy64theking 2h
Looking forward to the #WorldChessChampionship this week.Thanks once again to everyone who sent their wishes at 

Viswanathan Anand ‏@vishy64theking 2h 
Congrats ISRO proud to see lift off. The red planet in our sights .as for me

Viswanathan Anand ‏@vishy64theking 21h 
Greetings and wishes to all who sent in their wishes at for #WorldChessChampionship. Every wish is really special

Viswanathan Anand ‏@vishy64theking 3 Nov
NIIT has always been like a family to me. Thank you for the fantastic support and your love #Wish4Vishy.

Viswanathan Anand ‏@vishy64theking 1 Nov 
There is no feeling better than representing your country. Thank you all for the amazing support at #Wish4Vishy happy diwali everyone....

Viswanathan Anand ‏@vishy64theking 31 Oct 
To all the friends who have entered the #Wish4Vishy initiative, every single wish means a lot to me. Thank you so very much

Viswanathan Anand ‏@vishy64theking 30 Oct 
The preparations for the World Chess Championships are in full swing. Hoping to make you all proud #Wish4Vishy

Viswanathan Anand ‏@vishy64theking 29 Oct 
Thank you everyone, who have sent in your best wishes. Overwhelmed with your support at #Wish4Vishy

Monday, November 4, 2013

Nothing Special about Pop-Star Welcome to Magnus Carlsen... Special is: It's Happening in Chennai!

Posted by World Chess Championship 2013 News Blog Monday, November 4, 2013
There's nothing special about World No. 1 Magnus Carlsen receiving a pop-star welcome from a huge crowd of fans and journalists on reaching Chennai this evening! 

We're used to that on a daily basis for our movie and cricket stars at airports around the country. Fans of celebrities function as part of the paparazzi in India by self declaration.

What's special is that this huge welcome has taken place in Chennai - where chess is a religion and Viswanathan Anand the reigning deity!

Namaste! This is India: Forever welcoming, with great hospitality. Meanwhile, the report on Magnus Carlsen reaching Chennai:

World Chess Championship Challenger Grandmaster Magnus Carlsen from Norway arrives in Chennai on Monday. Photo: K.V. Srinivasan/The Hindu

World number one and challenger Magnus Carlsen of Norway arrived here tonight to a grand welcome by FIDE and All India Chess Federation officials for the much-awaited November 9-28 World Chess Championship against Indian Grandmaster Viswanathan Anand.

Carlsen, who faces defending and five-time world champion Anand in a 12-game contest, was received at Kamaraj International Airport by FIDE vice-president D V Sundar, AICF President J C D Prabhakar and World Championship Organising Secretary V. Hariharan.

The formal inauguration of the FIDE World Championship will be done on November 7 by Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa. The first game is scheduled for November 9. The sponsor of the tournament is the Government of Tamil Nadu which has allocated a record budget of Rs. 29 crores.

The colour for the 12 games would be known at the draw of lots which would be done by Ms. Jayalalithaa during the inauguration ceremony. The player who gets white in games 1, 3 and 5 will get white in games eight, 10 and 12. So, one player will get white in games 2, 4, 6, 7, 9, 11. Each player will play six white and six black games.

Although the game lasts about six hours, it can go longer as there is an increment of 30 seconds per move. The first player to reach 6.5 points wins the match. The prize fund will be about Rs 14 crores and the winner will get 60 per cent and the loser 40 per cent.

Anand, his wife Aruna and son Akhil and his team members, who will be assisting the Indian wizard, have checked in at Hotel Hyatt Regency, the venue of the World Championship last Friday itself.

There were reports in the media that Carlsen would be staying at an undisclosed resort but Sundar said, “We do not have any official information on that and that Espen Agdestein (Carlsen’s manager), who had a meeting with us this afternoon had not informed us about Carlsen staying at a resort for couple of days. As far as we are concerned, he will be staying at Hyatt“.

Sundar said Anand and Carlsen will address a joint press conference on November 7. -- PTI

Saturday, November 2, 2013

GM Ian Rogers' Must-Read Couch Potato's Guide to Carlsen vs Anand World Chess Championship

Posted by World Chess Championship 2013 News Blog Saturday, November 2, 2013
Magnus Carlsen vs Viswanathan Anand World Chess Championship: Here's the must-read Couch Potato's Guide to the World Chess Match by - the one and only - first Grandmaster from Australia and Senior FIDE trainer Ian Rogers via We have embedded all the videos right here to which GM Ian Rogers links to making it easier for you to continue reading.

The Couch Potato's Guide to Anand- Carlsen World Championship
By GM Ian Rogers
October 30, 2013

Photo Cathy Rogers
On Saturday, November 9 in the southern Indian city of Chennai (formerly Madras) Viswanathan Anand will begin his world title defence against world number one Magnus Carlsen.

Forty-three-year-old Indian hero Anand has been World Champion since 2007, surviving title defences against Vladimir Kramnik, Veselin Topalov and Boris Gelfand.

Carlsen has been world number one almost continuously since January 2010 but the 22-year-old Norwegian only earned the right to challenge Anand by the narrowest possible margin - a controversial tiebreak after finishing equal with Kramnik at the London Candidates tournament in March.

Carlsen enters the match as a heavy favorite - he has a Federer-like streak of 2800+ performances which began three years ago and has achieved the highest rating in chess history (ignoring rating inflation).

Ladbrokes betting agency currently lists Carlsen as a 3 to 1 on favourite but given his extensive match experience many pundits are expecting a spirited title defence by Anand against a player little more than half his age.

Both players are popular with chess fans, so neutral observers will be torn (video embed below); it seems that younger players want the Norwegian to usher in a new era while older aficionados are hoping for an Anand win. 

The match is a best-of-12 contest, with tiebreakers if a 6-6 score is reached. The winner will earn $1.45m and the loser just under $1m, though the sums will be closer together should the match go to tiebreakers. Carlsen has already pocketed $137,000 of the prize fund for agreeing to play on his opponent's home turf, spending the money bringing his own bodyguard and his own chef to Chennai. (No doubt Carlsen is aware of the view of one of Chennai's leading sports editors that "Anand can't beat Carlsen, but Chennai (
video embed below) might."

Magnus in 2005 in Wijk aan Zee, Photo Cathy Rogers

Since only a tiny percentage of chess fans will be travelling to Chennai - and the playing hall at the Hyatt Regency holds less than 500 people - this Couch Potato's Guide is designed for the many millions who will choose to watch the match from home or office, via the wonders of the internet.

In recent years, some of the most interesting coverage of the match has sprung up from unexpected sources, so keep your eyes open for the Twitter account of a chambermaid in the Hyatt Regency ("Caught trying on Mrs Anand's clothes 
(video embed below). Mistaken for Mr Anand's secret second Tania Sachdev and told to prepare the Hennig-Schara Gambit. Surely that just loses a pawn?") - or a Chennai taxi driver ("Just drove a tall Danish chessplayer (Peter Heine Nielsen's Wikipage)  from the airport to the Hyatt. Says he is helping Carlsen and Anand on alternate days.)

Before the Games

Games begin at 4.30 am New York time - winter time will have kicked in the week before the match - so US fans will need to be extra-dedicated to see all the action from Chennai.

A healthy supply of comestibles will be essential and what better to get into the Indian spirit than some potato dosa - crunchy patties with a bit of bite.

You will need a couple of potatoes, two green chillies, coriander plus oil, salt and rice flour (though Indian maida flour would be ideal). Just grate the potatoes, add two tablespoons of flour and a pinch of salt. Mixed with a small amount of water, plus the chopped chillies and coriander this will make a thick batter.

Prepare the mixture overnight and, once the games have reached the boring part just after the opening, pour blobs of batter into a hot pan and fry until both sides are brown.

If you are an Anand supporter, serve with mango chutney, while a Carlsen supporter should garnish the dosa with sour cream and pretend you are eating lefse.

Photo Cathy Rogers

During the Games

Audio and video commentary has come a long way in recent years.
The official site, , should be the first port of call, if only for the video of the players. The Chennai organisers have gone with Susan Polgar and Laurence Trent as their primary commentators. While obviously less able to comment on the subtleties of the game compared to the star English language commentators of Moscow 2012 - Kramnik, Svidler and Leko in particular - these two showed at the recent Tromso World Cup that they were genuine chess fans and worked well together.

Expect the always-entertaining Garry Kasparov to drop by for a chat when he visits Chennai.

Playchess, will offer commentary in four languages, with the most experienced commentator in the world, Leontxo Garcia, as the Spanish host. As expected, easy-listening GMs Yasser Seirawan and Daniel King will be the trans-Atlantic anchors for Playchess's English language commentary, with guests including Alejandro Ramirez and, notably, French star Maxime Vachier Lagrave for game 10.

Internet Chess Club, at one time the undisputed king of chess commentary and still a reliable option, will be covering the World Championship games in English and Spanish and using a wider variety of commentators than Playchess. Most are from the US - including veterans Christiansen, Yermolinsky and Fedorowicz. However the line-up also includes one-night-only appearances by The Week in Chess' Mark Crowther and other Englishmen Jon Speelman and Daniel King. (Yes, King and Seirawan will moonlight for ICC on an off day from Playchess!). Sadly Peter Svidler's Russian team commitments in November do not allow him to join the ICC team.

The Indian public broadcaster Doordarshan is planning to cover every playing session in full on its sports station, DD Sports. It is unclear whether they will relay the official commentary or create their own programming. DD Sports can be watched via various web sites including .

Text commentary

Sergey Shipov has always been regarded as the king of text commentators (primarily working for Crestbook), and Google Translate enabled many non-Russian fans to follow him. However Shipov has recently been working for - a non-stop chess television station, primarily in Russian, so only fans with Russian skills can now enjoy Shipov's thoughts. If Shipov returns to Crestbook for this match, he is always worth a look, given his wilingness to look beyond computer assessments and trust his own judgement.

Chessdom have gone for some surprising annotators - Sachdev, Gujrathi and Hambleton, the first two of whom may have some useful local knowledge. Chessdom will also be a site to watch throughout the match because it is the global news partner for the organisers.

The real development for text commentary in 2013 is likely to be via live blogging and tweeting. Finding the right person to follow may be a matter of luck, but there are sure to be plenty of interesting Indian sites, while German readers can be sure that Stefan Loeffler will never shy away from a controversy.

After the Games

As soon as the games finish, the two players will be ushered into a press conference, which should be viewable on the official match site as it happens. are expecting few US fans to watch the games live from early morning and so have planned a 2 hour post-game show, using the skills of Chess Vibes' Peter Doggers to provide video and other colour.

One site always worth a visit is The Week in Chess. Apart from having every recent top game available for easy download, TWIC has started providing quality baseline annotations, often using quotes from the players.

A few hours after the game is completed, there should be plenty of material on Youtube - game videos from ICC and, plus plenty of contributions from enthusiastic amateurs. Chess Vibes, soon to be part of, usually has the best edited highlights package.

Post-game text annotations - often near identical thanks to the all-powerful Houdini - will soon start to spring up. ChessBase continues to find young and entertaining annotators for big tournaments, while Denis Monokroussos provides a worthy symbiosis of man and machine.

Another blog to follow will be Eric van Reem's Mate in Chennai. Van Reem is part of the Anand team and, though he tries not to give too much away, is a good barometer of the spirit in the Anand camp.

Of course Chess Life Online will also cover the match, with regular reports by this writer from Chennai.

Once you have endured a week of waking at 4am, following the games online, eating the dosa, watching the post-game press conferences and the post-mortem shows, you will probably be sacked for being constantly late for work.

However that will give you extra time to fully enjoy the final fortnight of the match, reading all the articles about the match perhaps learning to cook some other - healthier - Indian dishes in the process.

Then, whether Carlsen triumphs or Anand confounds the pundits, you can go out and find a new job - Indian chef, perhaps?

2013 World Championship Match Schedule

Game 1 Saturday November 9 (All games at 3pm Chennai time = 4.30am EST)
Game 2 Sunday November 10
Game 3 Tuesday November 12
Game 4 Wednesday November 13
Game 5 Friday November 15
Game 6 Saturday November 16
Game 7 Monday November 18
Game 8 Tuesday November 19
Game 9 Thursday November 21
Game 10 Friday November 22
Game 11 Sunday November 24
Game 12 Tuesday November 26

Playoffs (if needed) Thursday November 28

Note: The schedule may change by up to four days if players take their medical time-outs.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Chennai to become Chess City from Monday with Chess Tournaments in Parks, Stadium, Govt Secretariat

Posted by World Chess Championship 2013 News Blog Wednesday, October 23, 2013
Come Monday and you would be able to zip down from your office, catch a quick chess game with a professional player in a nearby park, and win a prize for the dinner... in Chennai that is. Chess is going to become a street-celebration this season in Chennai beginning Monday (October 28).

The Chennai Hyatt Regency is hosting the Anand, Carlsen World Chess Championship from November 7. The All-India Chess Federation (AICF) has planned a series of parallel chess tournaments and events. The AICF is going to take chess to the city parks, Nehru Stadium and the government offices' secretariat!

One of the Chennai venues for street chess this October-November: Anna Nagar Tower Park was built in 1968 as part of the World Trade Fair. 

First up will be blitz chess tournaments for bureaucrats, journalists, the secretariat staff, veterans (above 60 years), and film artistes. There will also be a chess event for the visually challenged from October 27-31. $9000 approx will be set aside as prizes for each of these chess tourname­nts.

“We want to involve people from cross-sections of society and take chess to the masses,” says AICF president J.C.D. Prabhakar. He told journalists a list of professional chess players is being prepared. These chess players will take up challenges from the public at select locations across Chennai: Anna Nagar Tower, Mylapore’s Nagesh­wa­ra Rao Park and T. Nagar’s Panagal Park between 4 pm and 6 pm until November 5. Everyone who beats the professional players will win prizes.

Prabhakar also said they would try and arrange for public display screens/boards at select locations across Chennai as part of the Anand, Carlsen World Chess Championship side events. -- Zainab Raza Undulusi

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Cheating Impossible at World Chess Championship Viswanathan Anand vs Magnus Carlsen Match 2013

Posted by World Chess Championship 2013 News Blog Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Not that the integrity of either World Chess Champion Viswanathan Anand or World No. 1 Magnus Carlsen is doubted, yet the players will have to reach the playing hall at Hotel Hyatt Regency, in Chennai, 10 minutes before the start time of the game. 

We did witness an elaborate security check for players at the recently-concluded World Cup in Tromso, Norway. Something similar will be implemented in Chennai. It is the entire chess community's responsibility to ensure that fair play is endorsed at all levels in the sport. 

A mandatory security will be conducted on both the chess players. Only the players and stewards shall be allowed in the actual playing area except with the permission of the Chief Arbiter or his Deputy. Both players will have access to the same toilet facilities during the games. There will be no separate rest rooms for the players during the games. Both players shall use the same rest lounge area which shall be on/at the stage and visible by the Arbiter and the spectators, according to the FIDE regulations.

During the playing session the following additional regulations shall be in force:
- The players are not permitted to bring into the playing area telephone, technical and other equipment extraneous to play, which may in any way disturb or upset the opponent. The Chief Arbiter shall decide what constitutes extraneous equipment liable to offend the opponent. 
- A player may communicate with an arbiter. 
- During the playing session, a player may leave the playing area only with the permission of the Chief Arbiter and only if he is accompanied by one of the arbiters.
- The games will be played in a soundproof area that would be cut off from the audience and journalists by a glass partition.

Yes, Anand and Carlsen will have to fight it out one-on-one, in their heads alone!

For any infringement of these rules, the Chief Arbiter shall have the right to impose a fine of not more than 5,000 (five thousand) euro. The player may protest to the Appeals Committee in accordance to the proceedings laid out in the FIDE handbook.

The FIDE President shall nominate, from within the Presidential Board, three members of the Appeals Committee one of whom shall be Chairman. All protests must be submitted in writing to the Appeals Committee not more than two (2) hours after the finish of the relevant playing session, or the particular infringement complained against.

The Appeals Committee may decide on the following matters:

a) an appeal against a decision by an arbiter,
b) a protest against a player's behavior,
c) a complaint alleging false interpretation of the regulations,
d) a request for the interpretation of specific regulations,
e) a protest or complaint against any participant, or
f) all other matters which the Appeals Committee considers important.

If possible, the Appeals Committee shall reach a decision not more than two (2) hours after the submission of a protest. The appeals process shall include written representations and a written decision. The Appeals Committee shall endeavor to find binding solutions that are within the spirit of the FIDE motto, Gens Una Sumus. Each protest must be accompanied by a deposit fee of €3000 (three thousand Euros) or the equivalent in local currency. This can also be done if the player makes a written request that FIDE withholds the fee from his prize money. If the protest is accepted, the fee shall be returned. If the protest is rejected, the fee may be forfeited to FIDE. The written decision of the Appeals Committee arising from any dispute in respect of these regulations shall be final.

If required, the FIDE President will appoint a FIDE Presidential Board member as FIDE Supervisor who will be above the Organising Committee in all issues involving:

a) fairness concerning treatment of both players in respect of organisational issues,
b) equal playing conditions
c) anti-cheating measures 
d) fair publicity of both players through the event's Press Office 

The FIDE Supervisor can request from the organizer and at their expense, any additional security arrangement he finds necessary, in logical terms, in order to secure a fair match and equal match conditions for the players. 

The Organizer has to implement the decisions of the FIDE Supervisor in all issues involving the above aspects before and during the match. Any decision of the FIDE Supervisor can be appealed by the players only to the Appeals Committee.

Since the match is not in a organised in a "neutral" country, Carlsen is allowed to suggest which member of the FIDE Presidential Board he prefers as FIDE Supervisor. Where the appointment of a FIDE Supervisor is not necessary, his functions and responsibilities shall be assumed by the Chairman of the Appeals Committee.

Other arrangements
FIDE shall ensure the playing hall and its environs meet at least the requirements of the FIDE Regulations for the Organization of Top Level Tournaments.

For security and administrative reasons, both participants with their teams, FIDE officials and accompanying persons are expected to stay in the official hotel.

After FIDE agrees with the Organizer on the arrangements in respect of the tournament hall, facilities, accommodation and meals, transportation, telecommunication, ceremonies, etc., no objections from the participants shall be accepted. Both Carlsen and Anand have already inspected and okayed the venue.

Playing Hall Inspection
The Players shall be entitled to inspect the accommodation arranged for them at the Venue three (3) days before the first game of the FWCM match and shall be entitled to make reasonable requests regarding such accommodation which the organizer shall use all reasonable endeavors to accommodate. 

The Players – shall inspect the playing hall in the presence of the Chief Arbiter and representatives of FIDE and the organizer, two (2) days before the first game of the FWCM at 3 pm. The Organizer shall use all reasonable endeavors to satisfy the reasonable requests of the players in relation to the playing hall. 

In the event of a dispute between the Players as to the condition and suitability of the playing hall, the FIDE Supervisor, if any, otherwise Chairman of Appeals Committee, shall decide about such dispute. His decision shall be final and binding. -- B&W Desk

Monday, September 2, 2013

Register Now for Chess Tournaments in Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata alongside Anand - Carlsen Match

Posted by World Chess Championship 2013 News Blog Monday, September 2, 2013
The organising committee of the Anand - Carlsen World Chess Championship 2013 in Chennai has released a schedule for a special chess events' series that would run parallel to the Title Match. 

The International Grandmasters' Series, to be held in the cities of Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata, lists premier events from the calendar of the All-India Chess Federation to celebrate the World Chess Championship match. 

The series includes chess open tournaments and tournaments for those rated below 2000 or below 2100.

The details of the chess tournaments are as follows:

1 - Chennai International Women Grandmasters' Chess Tournament November 6-4, 2013 Prizes Rs 8,00,000 (open to foreigners)

2A - Chennai International Open November 15-23 Prizes Rs 10,00,000 (open to foreigners)
2B - Tournament for those rated below 2000 November 15-23 Prizes Rs 3,00,000

3A - Hyderabad International Chess Open November 25- December 3 Rs 10,00,000 (open to foreigners)
3B - 
Tournament for those rated below 2100 November 27 - December 3 Prizes Rs 5,00,000

4A - Kolkata International Chess Open December 5-December 14 Prizes Rs 10,00,000 (open to foreigners)
4B - Tournament for those rated below 2100 December 5-14 Prizes 5,00,000

Attractive conditions are offered for participants if they happen to be GMs/WGMs. 

Contact for registrations from anywhere in the world:
Lanka Ravi
International Master & Sr.FIDE Trainer
Chief Coordinator-
International Grand Masters Series
Mobile: +91-9849745755

Monday, August 26, 2013

Anand vs Carlsen/Master Shifu vs Kungfu Panda: 5 Reasons to Watch Live World Chess Championship 2013

Posted by World Chess Championship 2013 News Blog Monday, August 26, 2013
A thoroughly exciting Anand vs Carlsen World Chess Championship 2013 awaits us in Chennai this November. Here are the top five reasons why chess fans are going to love this chess show:

- Master Shifu vs Kungfu Panda: The greatest excitement will come from polar opposite chess styles. World Champion Viswanathan Anand will be the senior and grounded warrior. He will stay patient and count on his learning based upon years of match experience. World No. 1 Magnus Carlsen will be all nervous energy, firing from all cylinders, fighting until the last drop of blood is shed beyond the limits of exhaustion. Anand will strike when the 'enemy' has withered away. Anand will be Master Shifu, watching and waiting. Carlsen will be Kungfu Panda, walking in the wake of destruction at every step. In the end, both would be the teacher and the taught. The magic of chess will overwhelm us all and a new chapter in chess history would be written.

- Sexy image of chess: A beach blitz, 2,000 girls screaming a welcome to Carlsen, sophisticated arrangements in five-star luxury of Hyatt Regency Chenna, Carlsen the model, Anand the master, host of side chess events for players of all levels including Grandmasters - both men and women... What else do you need to make chess more sexy in the Indian subcontinent?

Anand and Carlsen at London 
Chess Classic 2012. Photo:

- Chess goes into mainstream media: Viswanathan Anand has single-handedly inspired the mainstream media to cover chess in India. Carlsen added the jazz by taking on modeling assignments on an international platform. The image of chess as an incomprehensible activity involving two anti-social intellectuals is gone. Anand is the regular guy, devoted family man, hard working gentleman inspiring typical Indian cultural values. Carlsen brings the joy of youth and freshness of the next generation to the table. The media is going to be lapping this one up for sure. 

- Technology Treat: The organisers are putting in place the best-possible high-speed Internet link for live broadcast of the entire event. Commentators and guests would include the who's who from the chess world. The World Chess Championship 2012 Anand versus Gelfand was an excellent affair in live telecast right from the opening ceremony to the closing one. The Indian organisers hope to better that. You will be getting all the best shots and best moments straight to your desk to be saved (on hard drives) as keepsakes. There will be interviews, sound bytes, video treats and press conferences. You won't miss a moment of the grand affair if you so choose.

- Human and computer integration at its finest: Earlier this year, Carlsen broke Garry Kasparov’s record by gaining the highest elo rating of all time—2,872 (Anand is fourth on the all-time list, with 2,817). In 2009, at the age of 19, Carlsen had became the youngest World No.1, breaking the record held by Kramnik. “He conserves the mystique of chess,” Kasparov has said about Carlsen. Carlsen has been where no chess player has before. Both Anand and Carlsen are known to have trained with computers. Lot of chess players feel, computer learning has ruined the art of chess. Before the coming generations of chess players increase their dependence on computers, this would be the moment when we witness the best integration between man and machine in chess. -- Rajat Khanna

Saturday, August 10, 2013

World Chess Championship 2013 Venue: What FIDE, Carlsen, AICF, Anand and Everyone Said!

Posted by World Chess Championship 2013 News Blog Saturday, August 10, 2013
The World Chess Championship 2013 venue was decided after quite a few twists and turns. There was quite a bit of uncertainty over Chennai as the venue for the eagerly-awaited World Chess Championship match between Viswanathan Anand and Magnus Carlsen after the World No 1 player from Norway expressed unhappiness with the FIDE's choice of venue.

FIDE signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with All India Chess Federation and Tamil Nadu State Association for holding the World Championship match in Chennai, the home city of World Champion Viswanathan Anand stating that India had been offered to host the event last year itself when Russia had outbid India for hosting the Anand - Boris Gelfand World Chess Championship 2012 in Moscow.

It was feared that Carlsen's might refuse to sign the contract. According to Carlsen's agent, Espen Agdestein, they were not happy that the MoU was signed without following a bidding process as described in the FIDE regulations for the World Championship match. Agdestein said there should be an open bidding process and a neutral venue for the match and that the world body should have a dialogue with both players before arriving at a final decision.

There were rumours about a preferred World Chess Championship 2013 venue being New York, Miami, St Tropez, Paris and Tromso. The Norwegian town is already hosting the 2013 World Chess Cup and the 2014 World Team Olympiad.
Later, Norwegian Chess Federation president Jøran Aulin-Jansson even sent an open letter as a "formal complaint" to FIDE on the selection of Chennai as the venue for the 2013 World Chess Championship match. The letter called for a "fair and transparent procedure and competition for the selection of the organiser" while emphasising that the letter was not a campaign against the organisers in Chennai.

Soon thereafter, the French Chess Federation approached FIDE to have Paris as the World Chess Championship 2013 venue. "FFE, in collaboration with the City of Paris, on behalf of a group of private companies, is a candidate for organising the World Chess Championship 2013. The presidential office of FIDE, which will meet this weekend, should address the problem of opening a tender for this match. In fact, after the Match was given to Chennai (India), Carlsen and the Norwegian Chess Federation have officially requested that the game takes place in a neutral country," stated a press release supported by Mayor of Paris Bertrand Delanoe and French chess federation president Philippe Mouttou. 
Finally, FIDE went ahead and signed a contract with the All India Chess Federation (AICF) to have Chennai as the venue of the World Chess Championship 2013 match. In a press release dated ay 6, 2013, FIDE defended the choice of Chennai as venue stating, "Since the Candidates’ Tournament ended, and GM M. Carlsen became the challenger of the coming World Championship Match there have been several developments, mails exchange between all parties (Carlsen, Anand, FIDE), questions asked, and also speculations. 

"FIDE would hereby like to put forward the current situation regarding this event.

Directly after the 2012 match was awarded to Moscow, FIDE agreed to grant an option to Chennai. The PB and its meeting in Armenia in January decided that FIDE and AGON, who holds the rights for organizing the whole cycle of the World Championship, were advised that India would take up its option organize the World Championship match. This was done on January 24 in Athens, where both parties agreed not to open a bidding procedure, but to grant an option to India, as requested. We should emphasize that according FIDE rules the World Championship cycle is not included in the list of events, for which FIDE is obliged to do so (like Olympiads, for instance). This has been deliberately done, because in many cases FIDE, having the priority in mind to secure the match and the cycle, was ready to give an option or even to grant the match if the proposal was attractive enough.

"Consequently three of the last matches were given to an organizer without a bidding procedure.

"On March 15th India asked to extend the option until April 10th and FIDE agreed to it because it was clear that the bid would be accepted and just needed an approval of the Tamil Nadu State Parliament, a session which took place on April 8th. One could ask why was the extension given to a date when the name of the challenger will be known already, and the simple answer is that FIDE, being convinced that the positive answer was just a matter of technicality, did not want to lose this bid for an alternative that gave no guarantee for a better result or any result at all.

"When the approval of the bid by India was published and FIDE representative was called to formalize it, on April 8th, GM Carlsen’s manager contacted FIDE and asked to have a meeting to discuss this matter before a formal move is done with India.

"Carlsen and FIDE’s representatives met in FIDE office on April 15th, when all claims were brought up by Carlsen’s representatives and were answered by FIDE. Among the points raised and answered we would like to emphasize one and this is the issue which was also raised in media – the question of neutrality. Unfortunately it has always proved difficult to find a sponsor to such a match when the name of the challenger is not known yet. Therefore most of matches in the past were organized in one of the participant’s countries. Consequently both World Champions Anand and Topalov played in their opponent’s country – a natural result of the situation.
"On that day both parties signed a paper whereby it was agreed to give Norway an option to come up with an organizer for half of the match, provided that India would accept such a solution.

"FIDE tried its hardest to convince India to split the match, but they refused India wanted to fulfill what has been approved by the government of the Tamil Nadu State and FIDE had to keep its obligations, and consequently an MoU was signed in Chennai on April 19th. One day later, the FIDE President visited France, where he got a proposal to organize the match in Paris. Mr Ilyumzhinov promised to bring the proposal before the Presidential Board. The French proposal was higher than the Chennai one, with more contributions offered. However, the Board decided (unanimously with one abstention) that FIDE must respect its obligation and thanked the French federation and the city of Paris for their proposal, hoping that there will be another opportunity to have a big event in Paris.

"FIDE has acted with full transparency during the whole process, trying its best to secure the match and standing by its obligations and reputation. FIDE will do everything to secure equal conditions for both players and also will try and still trying to increase the prize fund for the match.

FIDE wishes these two great players a successful match, and is sure that India, the homeland of Chess will bring to the world a fascinating event. Gens Una Sumus."
Magnus Carlsen smiles during a press conference in Oslo. --AP
It was feared, World No. 1 might refuse to play. However, he said he was determined. Carlsen issued a statement stating:

"After qualifying for the World Championship match by winning the London Candidates I have been highly motivated for, and looking forward to the World Championship match against reigning champion V. Anand.
"I’m deeply disappointed and surprised by the FIDE decision to sign a contract for the 2013 match without going through the bidding process outlined in the WC regulations, and for not choosing neutral ground. The bid from Paris clearly showed that it would be possible to have more options to choose from.The lack of transparency, predictability and fairness is unfortunate for chess as a sport and for chess players.

"My team and I will now start preparing for the match. The main thing now will be to come to an agreement with the Indian Chess Federation and FIDE regarding terms and conditions before and during the match. I really hope this process will run quick and smoothly.

"Lastly, I will not let the news from Baku diminish the joy and excitement derived from playing the top level Norway Chess tournament starting tomorrow."

So, Chennai it is - the venue of the World Chess Championship 2013 match. Hopefully, no one will be disappointed and the chess world will savour excellent chess from the two of the best chess Grandmasters there ever were in the world. (P.S. Viswanathan Anand, for his part, steered clear of the controversy hinting he was open to playing anywhere.)