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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Anand Loss No Blow to Indian Chess, Time to Capitalise on World Championship Hype: GM Parimarjan Negi

Posted by World Chess Championship 2013 News Blog Sunday, November 24, 2013
The Anand - Carlsen World Chess Championship 2013 has given India a great chance to build on the hype that has been created and the All India Chess Federation must capitalise on the wave to help chess grow in India. 

In a most sensible reaction - the first we're reading in India by an Indian Grandmaster on the subject of Anand's loss - the young talent from New Delhi told NNIS Sports that it would be great if we had more strong chess tournaments in India as most youngsters have to go to Europe to play which is expensive and not very easy. 

GM Parimarjan Negi said Anand's loss is not a big blow to Indian chess at all and the best needs to be made out of the momentum that has been created for chess in India. Now isn't that the most sensible reaction AND accurate statement we've heard in India so far on the World Chess Championship 2013? Here is the video interview with GM Parimarjan Negi. 

* GM Negi's almost believable fun take

Monday, November 4, 2013

World Chess Championship @ Chennai Hyatt Regency: All the Behind-the-Scenes Hard Work

Posted by World Chess Championship 2013 News Blog Monday, November 4, 2013
As Chennai awaits with bated breath India's first ever World Chess Championship starting this Thursday, organisers at the match venue on Sunday were overseeing the construction of the player’s enclosure. (Left: Photo R Raghu)

An 11-ft.-long partition made of glass panels is coming up at the grand ball room of Hotel Hyatt Regency. In three days, the noise-free, elevated play area enclosed by this partition will see five-time world chess champion, Viswanathan Anand defend his title against the Norwegian Grandmaster Magnus Carlsen.

Six panels of laminated acoustic material, each six feet wide, have already arrived at the hotel. “The glass is not only toughened but also laminated, keeping the sensitive acoustic requirements in mind — no noise can enter this area. The audience can watch the moves from outside the partition,” said D. Rajan, project manager, Buildcraft Interiors, who is in charge of the construction. An elevated, carpeted false floor will also be placed where the games will be played, he said.

Inside the glass partition are doors at each end that will lead the players to their refreshment rooms and service areas. “This is to prevent all distractions so that the players can focus on their game alone,” said Mr. Rajan.

In the next two days, a VIP lounge and a room from where officials will monitor the game are to be built. “Nearly 20 workers are on the job today and many more will join tomorrow. We need to finish everything by Wednesday,” Mr. Rajan said.

An audience of 400 will witness the event that will go on till November 28. The audience will be seated in sofas, boxes and chairs. “The seating arrangements are done in such a way that even those seated in the last row can see the moves being made,” said Pratiti Rajpal, marketing communications manager, Hyatt Regency.

V. Hariharan, secretary, All India Chess Federation, said the demand for tickets at, sales of which started a month ago, had been good.

The hotel is planning to entertain visitors from Carlsen’s country as well. “We plan to have Norwegian cocktails in our menu,” said Ms. Pratiti.

Magnus Carlsen, along with his parents and two sisters, is expected to arrive at the hotel on Monday by an Oman Air. The hotel has planned a traditional welcome for the 22-year-old. -- Vasudha Venugopal/The Hindu

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Chennai to become Chess City from Monday with Chess Tournaments in Parks, Stadium, Govt Secretariat

Posted by World Chess Championship 2013 News Blog Wednesday, October 23, 2013
Come Monday and you would be able to zip down from your office, catch a quick chess game with a professional player in a nearby park, and win a prize for the dinner... in Chennai that is. Chess is going to become a street-celebration this season in Chennai beginning Monday (October 28).

The Chennai Hyatt Regency is hosting the Anand, Carlsen World Chess Championship from November 7. The All-India Chess Federation (AICF) has planned a series of parallel chess tournaments and events. The AICF is going to take chess to the city parks, Nehru Stadium and the government offices' secretariat!

One of the Chennai venues for street chess this October-November: Anna Nagar Tower Park was built in 1968 as part of the World Trade Fair. 

First up will be blitz chess tournaments for bureaucrats, journalists, the secretariat staff, veterans (above 60 years), and film artistes. There will also be a chess event for the visually challenged from October 27-31. $9000 approx will be set aside as prizes for each of these chess tourname­nts.

“We want to involve people from cross-sections of society and take chess to the masses,” says AICF president J.C.D. Prabhakar. He told journalists a list of professional chess players is being prepared. These chess players will take up challenges from the public at select locations across Chennai: Anna Nagar Tower, Mylapore’s Nagesh­wa­ra Rao Park and T. Nagar’s Panagal Park between 4 pm and 6 pm until November 5. Everyone who beats the professional players will win prizes.

Prabhakar also said they would try and arrange for public display screens/boards at select locations across Chennai as part of the Anand, Carlsen World Chess Championship side events. -- Zainab Raza Undulusi